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-ASPHYX (Nl) "Live Death Doom" 2CD 5€
-BLACK AUTUMN (Ger) "The Advent October" 3€
-CENTINEX (Swe) "Subconscious Lobotomy" 3€
-GRAVEN (Ger) "The Shadows Eternal Call" 3€
-HEILNOZ (Spa) "Porta da Vida, Porta da Morte" A5 Digifile 5€
-HRIZG (Spa) "Anthems to Decrepitude" 3€
-KILL (Swe) "Burning Blood" 3€
-MARDUK (Swe) "Nightwing" 4€
-NOCTURNAL (Pol) "Unholycraft - Blood for the Glory of Satan" 3€
-TESTAMENT (Us) "The Legacy" 1€
-TESTAMENT (Us) "The Very Best Of" 1€
-ZARATHUSTRA (Ger) "Perpetual Black Force" 4€


-IMMOLITH (Us) "The Ghost Tower" 2€
-IRMINGOT (Ger) "Support the Underground" 1€
-MANNVEIRA (Ice) "Von er Eitur" 9€
-SPEARHEAD (Uk) "Deathless Steel Command" 2€