[orders to: nebularcarcoma@gmail.com]

-AANOMM (Spa) "Dragging Hurtful Shame" (Vertebrae/Sadixmo) Digipak 7€

First full lenght of this Spanish horde. Four tracks of negative, dark and pure Black Metal in the vein of Darkthrone, Forgotten Woods or Gorgoroth.

-ADYTUM (Uk) "Consecration" (Frost & Fire) 9€

Six new tracks of Obscure ritualistic Blackness with visions of Medieval forbidden spells, Fraternal mysteries and the impure blood-lust that has been documented from past fables of history.

-AKERBELTZ (Spa) / WAFFENTRÄGER LUZIFERS (Ger) / NEBRUS (Ita) "Slaughtered Whores of Satan" (Schattenkult Produktionen/Total Death Records/Unholy Grave Procession) 7€

Pure Old School Black Metal with exclusive tracks for this release.

-ANIMUS MORTIS (Chi) "Atrabilis (Residues from Verb & Flesh)" (Misanthropic Spirit) 7€

Debut full-length of this Chilean horde. Present eight ethereal exhibits of shrill, desolate Black Metal laden with an eerie, dark ambience.

-ANIMUS MORTIS (Chi) "Testimonia" (ATMF) Digipak 7€

New chapter of this Chilean band. A piece that's immersed into the transcendental and abstract. It tells about experiences of profound meditation and the way we travel around several levels of conscience, through different vibrating states.

-ARCKANUM (Swe) "Helvítismyrkr" (Underground Activists) 9€

Remaining true to his musical roots, Arckanum descends into the dark realm of Hel. This sixth opus is dedicated to the Old Norse giantess and ruler of the dead in her underworld.

-ARCKANUM (Swe) "Fenris Kindir" (Underground Activists) 9€

Obscure trollish black metal for the eighth time since the inception in 1992, manifesting fundamental riffs and howled vocals from the edge of Ragnarok.

-ARYAN ART (Bul) "Поглед Назад Към Величието На Древна България" (Blood & Soil) CD-r 6€

Radical BM from Bulgaria, for those into bands like Kristallnacht.

-ATRABILIS (Spa) "Dos" (Nigra Mors) Pro CD-r 5€

Live recording of this Experimental Black Metal band. One of the most interesting bands from Spain. RECOMMENDED!!

-AVERSIO HUMANITATIS (Spa) "Longing for the Untold" (Blackseed Prod.) 7€

New EP which Black Metal leads but accompanied by Death Metal elements that sonorize a sempiternal path of instrospection and reflections that revolves around nihilism, conscience and death. High quality stuff!

-BLACK FUNERAL (Usa) "Waters of Weeping" (Season of Mist) 9€

7th full-length of grim and bleak BM from this classic US band.

-BLACK FUNERAL (Usa) "Ankou and the Death Fire" (Iron Bonehead) Digipak 9€

8th full length since their debut in 1994. Now combining the forces of Azgorh of Drowning The Light from Australia. This album is a raw approach but yet, produced well enough where all energy forces can be heard in harmony.

-CHAOS OMEN (Swe) "Let Clariy Succumb" (Nails of Christ) 5€

Mini CD debut of Necromorbus solo project. Four Black Metal hymns with a total running time near 24 minutes.

-CULTUS (Nl) "Gezeteld in zegeruïnen" (Heidens Hart) 7€

Cultus return with black hateful metal. This is not a new album, but an entirely reworked and re-recorded apparition of "A seat in Valhalla" album.

-DARK OPUS (Fra) "Ignominious Fundamentals" (Battlesk'rs Productions) Digipak 6€

3 tracks of Great Harsh Black Metal by these french fanatics acting also in Bael and Haemoth.

-DEMONCY (Us) "Joined in Darkness" (Negative Existence) 8€

Remastered with bonus track, "Joined in Darkness" summons forth Death itself with its primal, heavy, and droning atmosphere.

-DIAPSIQUIR (Fra) "A.N.T.I." (Necrocosm) 7€

Extreme and bizarre Black Metal? Hard to classify, this is not recommended to close-minded people!

-DOLENTIA (Por) "Sob A Égide das Sombras" (Nykta/Discipline) 7€

First album featuring their caracteristing invocative Black Metal sound, this time taken to another level. Seven songs of sharp, ritualistic black metal to honour the dead.

-EMPTY (Spa) "The House of Funerary Hymns" (De Tenebrarum Principio) 7€

Cold and nostalgic Black Metal. A good proof of how to sound tecnique and professional but keeping the real feeling and essence. RECOMMENDED!

-ENSLAVED (Nor) "Eld" (Season of Mist) 9€

Third full-length from these Norwegian black/viking metal legends!

-ENSLAVED (Nor) "Blodhemn" (Season of Mist) 9€

Fourth full-length released on 1998. This was the last one with a purely Black Metal sound.

-ETERNA PENUMBRA (Spa) "Odio Antihumano" (Self Mutilation Services) 6€

Six songs of pure fucking black metal with no shitty influences, no intros/outros, no stupidity, just real black metal talking about death, suicide and hate against mankind. CD with 3 bonus tracks taken from a rehearsal.

-FORGOTTEN TOMB (Ita) "Negative Megalomania" (Season of Mist) 9€

On this 4th longplay the music of infamous Italian death squad involves more provocative influences but still oppressively bleak. Black metal is obviously there but spiritually aligned with bands like Bethlehem and early Katatonia.

-FUNERAILLE (Fra) "L'Antre des Ténèbres" (Self-released) Pro CD-r 5€

8 tracks of Sinister raw Black Metal reminding the Old Days.

-FUNERAL MIST (Swe) "Devilry" (Season of Mist) 9€

Debut EP from 1998. Includes 1 bonus track + the Havoc demo from '96. Classic stuff!

-GESTAPO 666 (Fra) "Nostalgiah" (Blackseed Prod.) 5€

The Gestapo of SataN returns with its second album. 8 Hymns of radical Black Gestapo Metal!!!

-GRAVELAND (Pol) "Drunemeton" (Forever Plagued) 9€

Originally recorded in November 1992, this promo was released after the first demo. This is a nostalgic journey back into the darkest days of Graveland and the Polish black metal underground.

-GRIM FUNERAL (Spa) / SPECTRE (Spa) "A Grim Funeral For Humanity/Coldness In The Howl" (Solistitium Records) 8€

Cold, oppressive black metal from Spain. Recommended!

-GYÖTRELEM (Hun) "Kárhozat" (Werewolf Promotion/Asylum Underground/The Ritual) 8€

New album of this morbid and sick BM band from the Inner Awakening Circle of Hungary.

-HAPPY DAYS (Us) / EINDIG (Nl) "The First Step Towards Suicide" (Galgenstrang/Self Mutilation Services) 6€

Split CD between these two bands of depressive black metal.

-HUNOK (Hun) / ANCESTORS BLOOD (Fin) "Vágyakozás/Lalli" (Tour de Garde) 7€

Two songs from each band. Hunok with a cross between folkish ambient and black metal sonorities of the hungarian past; Ancestors Blood with two tracks recorded in 2005. In the vein of old In the Woods or Dimmu Borgir.

-ILDJARN (Nor) "Forest Poetry" (Underground Activists) 9€

Re-issue of Ildjarn's final true Norwegian Black Metal release with brand new graphic design.

-INSTINCT (Uk) "Instinct" (Heidenwut Prod.) 9€

Atmospheric/Pagan Black Metal from England. Recommended!

-KROLOK (Svk) "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" (Hexencave Prod.) 9€

Debut album finally out. KROLOK is atmospheric and intricate black metal in the 90's tradition with a raw edge mixed with a balance of haunting keyboards and passages filled with the atmosphere of medieval castles, tombs and gloomy shadowsides of ancient nature. Front cover painted by David Glomba. ULTRA RECOMMENDED!!!

-LITURGIA MALEFICARUM (Ita) "Ecclesia Incuborum" (Self-released) CD-r 4€

Horrible and disturbing mix of Dark Ambient, Doom and Black Metal with influences of horror films. Very interesting and recommended stuff!

-LITURGIA MALEFICARUM (Ita) "Totus Tuus" (A Fine Day to Die) 8€

This is the soundtrack of the most hideous nightmares of your subconscious. For those into bands like Abruptum or Darkness Enshroud!

-LUCIFUGUM (Ukr) "Od Omut Serpenti" (Propaganda) Digisleeve 6€

Six songs-hydras of a spiritual aesthetic asphyxia in authentic satanic black metal form.

-MEDO (Por) "Materia Negra" (War Prod.) 6€

From Portugal, second full-lenght of BM with horror, ambient and even psychedelic influences.

-MORTIFERA (Fra) / BE PERSECUTED (Chi) "Split" (Hidden Marly) 7€

Both bands need no introductions. Mortifera presents the last two recorded tracks with Neige in the line up and a third song from the Maledictiih session, while Be Persecuted presents a long track featuring their typical slow paced sorrowful style.

-NATUS DEPROSIS (Fra) "Maeror Et Immanitas" (Odi Profanum) 6€

Three new visions of decay and of the suprecay therein. 25 minutes of Black Metal. Interesting release!

-NEO INFERNO 262 (Fra) "Hacking the Holy Code" (Necrocosm) Digipak 7€

Industrial Black Metal to socialize your children. Following the musical path of Aborym, Diabolicum & Mysticum, this French project has nothing to prove with their first full length.

-NOX (Col) "Manifestaciones de la Eterna Noche" (Tribulación Productions) 6€

The darkness of the night attacks the celestial light with nine acts of cold and primal black metal in the ancient vein. To Armagedda, Vargsang, Darkthrone, Pest... followers.

-OBITANIA (Spa) "Pagan Crystal Sphere" (Battlefield Records) 6€

Ritualistic Blackened Ambient soundscapes from Spain! In the vein of Lord Wind, Vinterriket or Wongraven. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

-ORTHODOXY (Spa) "Shaarimoth" (Morbid Chapel Records) 6€

Devil worshipping bestial blackened death metal. Analogically recorded, featuring members of Domains, Profundis Tenebrarum and Devotion. Recommended!!

-PALE MIST (Uk) "Where the Darkness is Praised" (Sinister Stench/Werewolf Promotion/Legion Blotan) 7€

The debut full-length album from southwest England's black metal horde is forty-five minutes of pure hatred, pain, misanthropy and torment, dragging the soul ever deeper into the pitch black abyss of chaos, darkness and death.

-PALE MIST (Uk) "Spreading my Wings Into the Abyss that Calls" (Sinister Stench/Werewolf Promotion/Equinox) 7€

Second album of this UK band that manage to combine some faster and hateful rythms with the predominant slow, transcending riffs that will drown you into the void. Recommended!

-PEST (Swe) "Rest in Morbid Darkness" (Underground Activists) 9€

9 hymns bleeding from infernal energies, violent sickness, lurking horror and triumphant bloodshed, all in the spirit of blackened demo metal. Deceitful, deranged and depraved music from this tyrants of Swedish Black Metal!

-PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM (Spa) "Extreme Violent Art" (Infinito Envenenado) 7€

Debut album, originally released back in 2004. Now re-released, includes A3 poster, Their best material, highly recommended!!!

-RATTENKÖNIG (Oz) "Conjuration of Hate" (Frost & Fire) 9€

Hateful and malicious propaganda hailing from the Australibus Tenebris circle.

-RITUAL SUICIDE (Ukr) "Consecration Bound in Cruor" (Forever Plagued) 9€

Ukrainian black metal imbued in human suffering and torturous infliction upon the masses. Expect nothing but hate and disgust, for all of mankind and its pathetic weak existence. This is right up there with the likes of Black Funeral "Vampire; Throne Of The Beast" & Belketre's "The Dark Promise". Comes with custom poster.

-SATANIZE (Por) "Demonic Conquest in Jerusalem" (Tour de Garde) 9€

Possessed vanguards of southern Europe's underground spit their hatred in typical old fashioned style BM, this debut is a thrilling quest to ultimate darkness!
!-- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

-SATANIZE (Por) "Eterna Puniçao" (Amor Fati) 7€

Primitive and sharp Black Metal from Portugal!
!-- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

-SATANIZE (Por) "Black Rotten Witchcraft" (Dunkelheit Produktionen) 9€

These Portuguese maniacs get their newest assault of blackest art started and shoot it right into the last, dying remains of the listeners' root of being a human. Only for those possessed by darkness !
!-- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

-SCENT OF SILENCE (Ita) "This Silent Distance" (Bylec-Tum) 6€

A dark, distant and sorrowful Coldwave Black Metal journey.
!-- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

-SOMBRE LABYRINTHE (Bel) "Heptagram Rising" (Egg of Nihilism) 7€

Seven songs orchestrated for a conspiracy against humanity. Seven tops constituting the rise of this anti-human ritual. Kathaarian Black Metal with raw wrathful hymns and hateful evokations.

-SVARTI LOGHIN (Swe) "Empty World" (A Sad Sadness Song) 7€

Skillfull, emotive and depressive Black Metal. Awesome songwriting that can recalls the darker feeling of Forgotten Woods' "The Curse of Mankind" or younger bands like early Alcest but it's something beyond.

-SVARTI LOGHIN (Swe) "Neodawn (Ritual Of Night)" (Solstice Rex) CD-r 3€

2 tracks of mid-tempo Black Metal from Sweden.

-SVOLDER (Can) "Desecration of The Five Holy Pillars" (Frost & Fire) 9€

Canadian black metal comparable to Grand Belials Key.

-THE WANDERER (Oz) "Aura Nocturnal & Mysterium" (Tour de Garde) Digisleeve 9€

Release featuring the second and third demos from this obscure, atmospheric black metal band. This is music to drift into the abyss, to send your soul asunder amidst the ancient tones. For fans of Ulver's "Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler" or Burzum's "Filosefem"

-VESANO (Bra) "Desassossego" (Pagan War Distro Rex) 8€

Compilation release featuring the 2009 and 2010 demos and the track from the split with Eindig. 9 total tracks and over an hour of depressive and melancholic Black Metal.

-VLAD TEPES (Fra) "Morte Lune" (Drakkar Prod.) 7€

The last Vlad Tepes demo released on 1996. Classic LLN stuff! MANDATORY!

-VORDR (Fin) "III" (Nykta) 5€

Third strike from these Finnish maniacs, still in the same Raw, Primitive, Natural Path!

-VRAG (Hun) "Remete" (Werewolf Promotion/Filosofem Records) 6€

Misanthropic Black Metal from Hungary.