[orders to: nebularcarcoma@gmail.com]

-ABYSSIC HATE (Oz) "Eternal Damnation" (Sword Prod.) 4€

Australian Black Metal Cult. Re-release of this 1998 EP + "Betrayed" Promo Track. Totally recommended!

-AD ARMA (Ger) "Stalingrad" (Dunkelheit Produktionen) 4€

Fast and raw black metal sounding like Judas Iscariot and Godless North.

-ANCESTORS BLOOD (Fin) "When the Forest Calls" (Empire Abyss) 4€

Epic and highly atmospheric black metal in the vein of the typical Scandinavian sound bands like Covenant, Forlorn, Troll or Gehenna.

-APOLION (Ita) "The Mute God of Deaf Men" (Bylec-Tum) 4€

10 tracks of old-school raging black metal. Like a mix of Celtic Frost and Darkthrone (up to "Panzerfaust")

-APOLOKIA (Ita) "Kathaarian Vortex" (Bylec-Tum) 4€

Italy's most controversial, elitistic, nihilistic and hateful BM band come back with their inhuman icecold form of art releasing the long awaited debut album.

-APOLOKIA (Ita) "MCMXCV - MCMXCVII" (Bylec-Tum) 4€

From the Italic Nihilist BM legends a grim icecold retrospective release featuring the early demo tapes from the 90's: "Frozen Evokation" & "Fields of Hatefrost"

-ATRABILIS (Spa) / NEGATIVA (Spa) "MMXIV" (Infortunio Records) 4€

Abstract and oppressive Black Metal from these experimental bands from Spain. Highly recommended stuff released by one of the best labels out there.

-BILIRUBIN (Us) "Bilirubin" (CW Prod.) 5€

2010' rehearsal of Black Metal/Punk from the States. With members of Furdiduke.

-BLACK CILICE (Por) "Mysteries" (Triumph of Death) Tapebox 7€

The third album from Black Cilice now available on cassette format. Presented on black pro tape, housed in an oversized box including a small booklet. RECOMMENDED!

-CATERVA RUNA (Fra) "Europa Nostra" (Sword Prod.) 4€

Debut album of French Radical Black Metal.

-CIRRHUS (Us) "Cruelty's Necessary Decision" (CW Prod.) 5€

Tape EP of three songs with the same strong songwriting and unique style as previous material under a raw and violent room recording, with new developments and no stagnation.

-DEAD (International) "Hanging Illusions" (Self Mutilation Services/Dunkelheit Produktionen) 4€

First release of this band international black metal band full of sadness and depressive feelings.

-DEATHROW (Ita) "The Beginning of the End" (Heavy Penetration) 4€

2008 demo by this one man band commanded by Gionata Potenti (Acherontas, Blut Aus Nord, Macabre Omen...)

-DECAYED (Por) "Chaos Underground" (War Prod.) 4€

Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal!! 8th full-lenght by this old Portuguese band active since 1990! Includes a live bonus track.

MOSS 017 - DEFUNTOS "Nada é Eterno" Pro Tape (ltd. to 100 copies) 5€

Originally released only on 12", available once again, this time in professional cassette. Slow, deep and sad melancholic melodies worship the prevalence of death in this 3rd album.


MOSS 018 - DEFUNTOS "Invocaçao Aos Mortos" Pro Tape (ltd. to 100 copies) 5€

39 minutes of Morbid Black/Doom Metal, where Defuntos, with 2 long tracks + interlude, develope their personal and unique, melancholic style in honour of the dead. Includes A6 insert with the lyrics.


-DEFUNTOS (Por) "Vidas Vazias...Almas Perdidas..." (War Prod.) 4€

6th work of this band of depressive black/doom. Only suitable for tormented souls who seek the reflection of his inner emptiness. Death´s music...Pro Tape dedicated to the owner and with a A6 booklet with the lyrics.

-EINDIG (Nl) "Doodschrift" (Self Mutilation Services/Dunkelheit Produktionen) 4€

Hateful and Suicidal Black Metal from The Netherlands.

-EPITHALIUM (Ger) "Ausrottung" (Hammerbund) 4€

Anguised misanthropic Black Metal from Germany. First full length.

-ETERNA PENUMBRA (Spa) / HERETIC BLAZE (Bel) "Split" (War Prod.) 4€

Raw, heretic and hateful black metal against all faith and human insignificance. A double attack from Belgium and Spain.

-FUNERAL FOG (Ita) "Isolated from Light" (Bylec-Tum) 4€

Desolated Black Metal from Italy with influences of Burzum, Nyktalgia, Sterbend...

-FUNEREUS (Mex) "Ofrenda para el Diablo (Rehearsal Demo Anno MMX)" (Wulfrune Worxxx) 4€

Cryogenically grim and hateful Black Metal from Mexico in the early 90's spirit.

-GENOZID (Spa) "Reigns of Black Metal" (Sword Prod.) 4€

First and only demo released by this Spanish band in the vein of bands like Armagedda, Craft or Pest. Recommended!!

-INEXORABLE END (Spa) "Voices of a Frozen Heart" (Equinox) 4€

Discouraged Black Metal, a lament lost in time, frozen for aeons to come. Featuring the songs with English lyrics on side A, and Spanish lyrics on side B.

INFAMOUS (Ita) "Of Solitude and Silence MMXIV" (Bylec-Tum) 4€

Brilliant Black Metal from Italy. Recommended!

-INFERNAL KINGDOM (Por) "S.A.T.A.N." (Egg of Nihilism) 4€

Brilliant Black Metal from Italy. Recommended!

-INFERNO (Cze) "Uctívání Temné Zurivosti" (Strigoi Records) 4€

An attack from the beast from Czech. Over 40 minute album with black metal tornado and still underground feeling.

-INFERNO (Cze) / TUNDRA (Ita) "Infernal Belief" (Strigoi Records) 4€

Two black metal monoliths, each brings a dose of underground black metal with some new tracks and covers.

-KORGONTHURUS (Fin) "Korgonthurus" (Sword Prod.) 4€

Pure Finnish Black Metal in the vein of countrymates like Horna.

-KORPBLOD (Swe) "Hymner" (Sword Prod.) 4€

Atmospheric Black Metal from this Nature worshippers from Sweden.

-LUX FERRE (Por) "Excaecatio Lux Veritatis" (War Prod.) 5€

New album of dark and sharp BM from Portugal. Special tape edition boxed in a black card "brad pak" with a hand-painted sigil and features a double-sided foldable 20x20cm black-and-white insert

-MALEFICA (Ger) "Ancient Burial Mounds" (Obscure Propaganda) 4€

Debut release of this German band of Spectral and Necromantic Black Metal.

-MARTYRUM OMNIUM (Spa) "Human Darkness" (Inner Voice Records) 4€

Cold, dark atmospheric black metal with parts of dark ambient. In the vein of Burzum, Gorgoroth and old Darkthrone. Recommended!

-MOLOCH (Ukr) "Universum" (Pulse Ululations) 4€

A frightening trip to the unknown depths of the dark space. Misunderstood signals of ancient cosmonauts. Memories of the future.

-MOLOCH (Ukr) / KRIEG (Us) "Split" (Satanik Wolfchamber) 4€

Split featuring all-new material from these two bands from Ukraine and U.S.A. Black Metal with some instrumental black ambient tracks. For fans of Burzum or Xasthur.

-MORITURIO (Ven) / ASVENDARK (Ven) "Dii Niger Aeternis Ignes Blasfema" (I Am Your End Prod.) 4€

4 hymns of Satanic Black Metal versus 4 tracks of Somber and Cold Black Metal.

-NACHT (Ger) "Impressions of the Night" (Dunkelheit Produktionen/Whispers of Death) 4€

Melancholic and natural BM that will take you for a last journey. Let the moonlight lead you into a hypnotic and oddly fog with the sad guarantee of no return...

-NAUDIZ (Ita) "Aftur Till Ginnungagaps" (Bylec-Tum/Heidens Hart) 4€

40 minutes of primitive and hateful black metal with fierce worship of runes and the primordial forces of chaos. Recommended to fanatics of Ildjarn, VON, Darkthrone or Spear of Longinus.

NEURASTENIA (Bra) / SCYTHE (Spa) "Declinio" (The Lament Congregation) 4€

The ambience of this split creates a plane of dying life. Neurastenia provides Drone/Doom Metal for the endless pain and bleakness. Scythe faces the experimental side of droning Black/Ambient and Death/Doom.

-NOCTURNAL DEGRADE (Ita) "The Deep Tragic Human Condition" (Bylec-Tum) 4€

Misanthropic Black Metal from Italy. Pure negativity with a dark atmosphere...

MOSS 019 - PRECARIA (Mex) "Precaria" Pro Tape (ltd. to 100 copies) 5€

The enigmatic first material of Precaria. 4 tracks of envenomed guitars, relentless drumming and anti-cosmic incantations. Unveil this gem hidden in the dark if you dare to explore the utter depths of consciousness.

Not suited for humans


-PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM (Spa) "Blasphemous Live Devotion" (Ruptura Records) 4€

Live recording of 7 hymns of Pure Black Metal.

-RUWM (Nl) "Hineni" (The Throat) 5€

Black Metal with a noisy atmosphere from The Netherlands.

-SAMMATH (Nl) "Godless Arrogance" (Zwaertgevegt) 4€

Godless Arrogance longs for only 36 odd minutes comprimising of 8 tracks. Recommended if you are looking for some 90's era Marduk alike band.

-SARTEGOS (Spa) "As Fontes do Negrume" (Egg of Nihilism/Caverna Abismal) 4€

5 hymns plus intro and outro performed under a dim necromantical light. For fans of Demoncy or Teitanblood.

-SEKHMET (Cze) "Masova Ocista Cloveka" (War Prod.) 4€

First album of traditional black metal for this Czech band.

-SELBST (Ven) / HOLBACH (Ven) "Aversio a Deo et Conversio ad Creaturas" (Centurion Prod.) 4€

Recommended split with these two bands from the emerging scene of Venezuela!

-SHADOWS GROUND (Ukr) "Black Dead Winds" (Omega Prod.) 4€

Satanic Black Metal from Ukrania. 2nd album.

-SHADOWS GROUND (Ukr) "Phantom of Dead Star" (Omega Prod.) 4€

3rd album of this occult and raw black metal band.

-STORMFRONT (Nor) / NECROSTRIGIS (Pol) "The Forgotten Demons of Ancient Glory" (Tour de Garde) 4€

After many years of non-existence, Norwegian Stormfront returns with three new tracks, alongside Necrostrigis, pure underground black metal from Poland.

-SUSPIRAL (Spa) "Dawn of Kezef " (Equinox) 4€

Hypnotic Black Metal Mass for those who staring unblinking at the abyss.

-TENEBROSITAS (Cro) "Embraced by the Al Devouring Void" (Wulfrune Worxxx) 4€

Rough and coarse black metal from Croatia, in the vein of old Immortal or Darkthrone.

-TOD (Ita) "Black Metal Manifesto" (Bylec-Tum) 4€

Debut full-lenght of italian black metal.

-TODESSTOSS (Ger) "Spiegel Der Urängste" (Levertraan) 4€

Black Metal from Germany influenced by Burzum or even Bethlehem. Re-edition of this long out of print EP. Includes a bonus track not included on the original version.

-TÜMËUR (Fra) "De l'hypnotisme morbide à la sublimation" (Les Créations Clandestines) 4€

Hopeless and poisoning Black Metal from the cold french lands.

-UHL (Fra) "Where the Wolves Lead" (Self-released) 4€

2015 demo of cold and raw BM from France.

-UHL (Fra) "Soleils Bas" (Långt Ner Records) 4€

4 tracks of fast & mournful black metal.

-VARDAN (Ita) "Piercing Cold Distance" (Bylec-Tum) 4€

Grimly and hypnotic BM that is breathtaking in their melancholic beauty. This music that exists only in the dead of the night...

-VEILED (Us) "Omniscient Veil" (Iron Bonehead) 4€

Veiled is the matured growth of Gnosis of the Witch. Across the four expansive tracks this duo build black metal mysticism, ancient yet wholly modern.

-VENEROR (Ita) "Percussimus Foedus cum Morte" (The Ritual) 4€

8 tracks of Serpentine Black Metal from Italy bearing the okkult atmosphere and pride of Necromass, Altar Of Perversion and Mortuary Drape yet with a personal sound! Powerfully recorded and equally aggressive and melodic.

-VENGEANCE (Spa) "The Mighty Darkness" (Antichristian Front) 4€

Old School Black Metal for fans of Hellhammer, Bathory, Venom... Analogically recorded, analogically unleashed.

-VERMINE (Fra) "Agonie d'Une Nation" (Sword Prod.) 4€

First album of radical and intolerant Black Metal from France.

-VOLLMOND (Ita) "Rituals of Conquest" (Bylec-Tum) 4€

Doomy Black Metal based on occultism and cosmos.

-WINTERBLUT (Ger) "Der 6. Danach" (Wulfrune Worxxx) 4€

Pure Black Metal with atmospheric and ethereal elements. This is a different recording session of the Darker than Black release.