[orders to: nebularcarcoma@gmail.com]

-AMNION (Spa) "Where the Celestial Flowers Fade" (Negra Nit) 7"EP 5€

Amnion´s epitaph. Last work to finish the band´s legacy. Cryptic Black Metal as ever. RECOMMENDED as always...

-ANDHORD (Spa) "Pleroma of Uncreation" (Black Mass) 12"MLP 10€

Expect no mercy in this 22 minute-long nightmare plagued with tortuous riffs, vile vocals and carefully crafted melodies. Fans of a dense, vibrant and cryptic brand of Black Metal will enjoy this grandiose monument to iniquity. Great release!

-ANGELCIDE (Usa) / MEGALITH GRAVE (Usa) "Split" (Desastrious) 7"EP 5€

An oath of honor to raw black metal taken by Angelcide and Megalith Grave! With over a dozen underground black metal demos between them, the paths of two cursed USBM souls cross at last!

-BARASTIR (Ger) / UGLUK (Ita) "Under the Banner of Hate / Hveralundr" (Ugluk Rex) 12"LP 11€

Split including Germanic BM band Barastir (feat. one member of Odal) and Ugluk, from Italy, atmospheric Black Metal; the demo recordings from 1993!

-BEHEMOTH (Pol) "Thy Winter Kingdom" (Witching Hour) 12"LP Gatefold 11€

Cult stuff of this classic band from Poland, never before released. Recorded at rehershal at June 1993, this unofficial cassette was distributed in underground only in few copies. On the side B other versions of the tracks from this same reh. A recommended piece of history.

-DARVULIA (Fra) "Mysticisme Macabre" (Battlesk'rs Productions/Nuclear War Now!) 12"LP 13€

This 3rd opus contains 8 new rituals, always singing in his native langage with his specific Darvuliesque style. A monumental piece of Grim Black Metal!

-DO SKONU (Ukr) "Hell" (Forever Plagued) 12"LP 14€

Empowered by the raw nature and darkness of mankind, Do Skonu erects the elaborate portraits of his Carpathian journeys in musical form and takes you for a glimpse into his world of smokey fog and mystical rites that promise nothing but unadulturated black metal.

-EMANATION (Spa) "Temple Sleep Crystallization" (Bestiarie) 12"LP 11€

Experimental Black Metal from Spain, based on spiritism and the world of the dead...Recommended stuff.

-EMPTY (Spa) "Eternal Cycle of Decay" (A Fine Day to Die) 12"LP 11€

Re-release on vinyl, 15 years after, of this classic demo of the Spanish underground. Old black metal in the vein of bands like Ancient.

MOSS 009 - EMPTY (Spa) "The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair" 12"LP (ltd. to 250 copies) 13€

Now available on vinyl for the first time, this 2nd album introduced the band to a darkest, negative and lugubre sound. 7 tracks of irremediable anguish, of hate to life. A journey to a place of black sentiments and spiritual catharsis.


-HÄXENZIJRKELL (Ger) "Des Lasters der Zauberey" (Amor Fati) 12"MLP 10€

2 new songs of mid-paced and ritualistic Black Metal in the vein of bands like Urfaust. Presented as a 1-sided MLP with etching on side B + booklet.

-HELHEIM (Nor) "Av Norrøn Ætt" (Witching Hour) 12"LP Gatefold 11€

Re-release of cult second album of Norwegian Black Metal.

-HELL MILITIA (Fra) "Jacob's Ladder" (Underground Activists) 12"LP 13€

8 stunning tracks of disturbing French Black Metal that smells of urban filth and an extremely bitter after taste.

-NECROGOAT (Ger) "Fullmoon Witchery" (Desastrious Records) 7"EP 5€

Four tracks EP of German black metal.

MOSS 013 - NEGATIVA (Spa) "02" 12"LP (ltd. to 250 copies) 13€

First album after some demos and splits. In"02", Negativa offers eight new chapters of melodic but abrasive and discouraged Black Metal with its characteristic introspective sound crafted during the last years.


-ODAL (Ger) "Der Dunkelheit Reiter" (Black Devastation) 12"LP 11€

New mini album 2016. 30 minutes playing time incl. a unreleased bonus track from a older recording.

-RUACH RAAH (Por) "Hate Fanaticism" (War Arts Prod.) 12"LP 13€

First full lenght. 10 hymns of mid-paced Black Metal hailing satan and death. Imagine Ildjarn's primitiveness meeting 93/95 Darkthrone aestethic and all done within rawness of early Celtic frost.

-RUHO (Fin) "Pathways Through Flesh" (Triumph of Death/Final Agony) 12"LP 13€

Debut full lenght of the Finnish act. 7 tracks, 40 minutes of powerful, raw black metal that varies between fast and aggressive, plus some slower, hypnotic parts with the stench of death.

-RUHO (Fin) "Mouth of Extinction" (Triumph of Death) 12"LP 13€

30 minutes of raw Finnish black metal spewing deadly fumes and decay

-SHIYUN (Cro) "Ûri Vâ Kyatten" (Triumph of Death/Mantratya Prod.) 7"EP 5€

Two tracks of tenebrous black metal from Croatia.

-SUSPIRAL (Spa) "Delve Into The Mysteries Of Transcendence" (Equinox) 12"LP 12€

Their first opus comes divided into three chapters of dissonant and chaotic Black Metal.

-SVARTI LOGHIN (Swe) "De överjordiska" (Solstice Rex) 12"LP Gatefold 13€

Haunting and primitive black metal with signs of classic 1990's Scandinavian sound. Very interesting!